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Business Philosophy

East Corner (The East Corner Company, Inc.) is a dealer that is dedicated to Chinese antiques and fine arts. It was established in 1997 and has been operating in West Village and Upper East Side of Manhattan for more than 20 years. Being one of the most reputable Chinese antique galleries in NYC, East Corner has built 80% retail (collectors and casual shoppers) and 20% professional decorators. It amassed an impressive inventory of classical furniture, jade carvings, ceramics, paintings and scholar's objects, which come from all over the world as the company maintains strong relationships with museums, dealers and collectors in San Francisco, London, Brussels, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. Since its inception, East Corner always believes that it is important to educate prospective clients with detailed descriptions, prices, and full disclosure of provenance on each item. This belief carries East Corner a long way to build up a profitable business that establishes its reputation as one of the few dealers that place research and disclosure ahead of sales.

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