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Classical Furniture

Each year we source antique furniture individually and from all territories in China. We emphasize not quantity but quality. Our restoration process begins in Shanghai and is finished upon arrival at our workshop in New York City. This meticulous level of restoration ensures that the aesthetics and historical significant have been maximized. All furniture pieces have to experience sufficient dryness after they arrive in New York City, this exposure allows us to monitor the wood and the finish and gives us comfort that the piece can withstand the dry winters of the northeast. This process minimizes the need for future restoration and expenses for the client. For more information about collecting classical Chinese furniture, Click Here

Tips on finding a right piece in our furniture gallery: 
Items have been classified into one or more categories. In order to find a piece you like you should look at more categories. For example, both "Chairs, Benches & Stools" and "Low Furniture" contain pieces that may perfectly fit your needs for a coffee table. Both "Sideboards" and "Low Furniture" may contain some right pieces that can be used as a TV stand or media console.